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Microsoft beats Google to become the world’s third most valuable company

Microsoft beats Google to become the world’s third most valuable company


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Microsoft wins the title of the third largest valuable company in the world with a net worth of $753 leaving behind leading search giant, Google which is valued at $739 billion.

Microsoft and Google have always been trading their positions in terms of market values since last few years. As reported by The Verge, Microsoft has surpassed the Google’s parent company Alphabet from around $14 billion difference. Now, Microsoft has become the third most valuable company in the world behind Apple and Amazon with the net market worth of $923 billion and $782 billion respectively. The Alphabet Inc. is on number four followed by Facebook and China’s Tencent.

Back in 2012, Google surpassed Microsoft in market value. However, since Satya Nadela became the CEO of Microsoft, four years back, Microsoft’s stock price has been doubled. Satya did lots of improvements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cloud computing technology. He shifted the focus towards new emerging technologies from old software and hardware business.

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However, Microsoft is still behind Apple that earns revenue from a wide range of businesses, especially from its mainstream product iPhone. On the contrary, Microsoft earns around 35% through Windows, Surface and gaming segments. Cloud business and Office and Productivity contribute to 60% of the total stock. While Google earns 90% of its revenue from advertisements.

Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon have been engaged in a race to cross the $1 trillion market stock. Several Wall Street analysts believe that Microsoft would soon become the first company to surpass the $1 trillion target leaving behind Apple and Amazon.

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