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Mr. Parvateesam


Mr. Parvateesam Movie release time is 2017. Mr. Parvateesam is an Action, Romance, Film Director Name is Rajesh Dantalla & Screenplay By Rajesh Dantalla. Lead roles, Dileep in crucial role and music composed by K R Valisha Babji.

Mr. Parvateesam (Movie) Wiki & Reviews

Writter’s Rajesh Dantalla
Directer By Rajesh Dantalla
Stars Dileep, Divya Singh
Producer’s Durga Prasad
Music K R Valisha Babji
Release 05 Jul 2017
Run Time 1.54 hr
Country india
Language telugu
Genre Action, Romance

Mr. Parvateesam (Tamil Film) casts

Divya Singh

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