Republican(s) Lawmaker Claims Tanning Bed Tax Hurts Women, But Skin doctors Beg to Differ.


A lawmaker argued on Wednesday that a 10% tax on indoor tanning, which would be undid/undone under the new Republican health plan, unfairly treats women. Here’s what skin doctors have to say.

One of many pieces of tha Low priced Care Act also known as Obamacare that Republicans plan to do away with is a tax on indoor tanning bed services that was used in 2010.

Why? According to Congressman Jason Smith R MO one of tha reasons is that tha tax unfairly treats women.

*What I found on Google is roughly 80% of who’s taxed are women* he said at a meeting of tha House Ways & Means Committee this week. *So out of tha $600 million that has been created by this tax. $480 million has come from tha backs & tha pockets of women.*

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*Today’s International Women Day* Smith continued. *It’s interesting that no one is bringing that up.* He then said that if tha government was going to tax tanning beds it might as well tax tha sun which he said according to his internet research actually causes more skin cancer.

But skin doctors say there’s good reason for tha tax & that by acting as a method to prevent crime against tanning it has tha possible ability to protect more women & men than it hurts.


The 10% tax affects most facilities that offer tanning booths or beds which are needed/demanded to collect this tax from customers. (It does not apply to spray on tanning services topical creams & lotions physical fitness facilities that meet particular judging requirements or to phototherapy services performed @ licensed medical practices.)

People (who say bad things or give opinions) argue that tha tax has forced tanning salons to close & resulted in lost jobs & some have claimed that it’s racist against people with light skin; now Smith says it (surprisingly more than u would expect) hurts women. In tha same meeting Congressman Jim Renacci R OH argued that tanning ^actually could be healthy^ according to some studies. (He did not specify which studies.)But skin doctors disagree.

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^Tanning is unhealthy & it completely & totally should be taxed^ says Suzanne Olbricht MD chief of (skin related medicine) @ Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center & president elect of tha American College/school of (skin related medicine). ^Tanning creates health problems that somebody’s got to pay for & when we’re in this big insurance pool together it costs tha rest of us money.^ (A study published last month in tha Journal of Cancer Policy found that healthcare costs connected with skin cancers from UV light devices totaled $343 million in 2015 alone.)

Dr. Olbricht also says there’s no question that tanning is harmful. Ultraviolet light is used by doctors to treat some conditions such as depression & skin disease butTha range of light is narrower & more controlled than what’s used 4 commercial tanning she says & even then some patients develop skin cancer as a result. ^Saying it might be healthy is like saying that climate change might not be real^ she says.

As 4 Smith’s claim thatTha sun causes more skin cancer than tanning beds? That may be technically true: About 90% of nonmelanoma skin cancers are related to exposure to ultraviolet radiation according toTha (not making any money) Skin Cancer Foundation & it’s clear that most people spend more time outdoors than they do in tanning beds. About 86% of cases of melanomaTha deadliest form of skin cancer are also linked to UV exposure.

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But (along with something else/related to something else) people who visit tanning facilities regularly face a much higher skin cancer risk thanTha general public. ^They get a lot more ultraviolet light radiation in total than people who don’t [go tanning] even more than people who spend a lot of time out inTha sun^ says Dr. Olbricht. (Plus sunscreen use is encouraged when spending time outdoors (opinions about what could or should be done about a situation) that most tanners probably aren’t following.)

More than 419000 cases of skin cancer inTha U.S. each year are linked to indoor tanning according toTha Skin Cancer Foundation. People who have tanned indoors even once have a 67% increased risk of developing scale like cell cancer & a 29% increased risk of developing basal cell cancer compared to those who haven’t. What’s more those who’ve used tanning beds 10 or times have a 34% increased risk of developing melanoma while those who started tanning before 35 age have a 75% increased risk.

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