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Apple is planning to bring Live Listen to AirPods with iOS 12



Apple is expected to bring a new feature to its AirPods with the upcoming iOS 12 update. This feature is called “Live Listen” and it is not really a new feature as it has been part of “Made for iPhone hearing aids” program. To make it easier for you to understand, this new feature will turn AirPods into hearing aid with the upcoming iOS 12. The company did not announce this upcoming feature at the WWDC 2018 Keynote that was held on Monday.

Once users enable this feature in the settings section of their iPhone, they will be able to use their iPhone as a directional mic. It means that users can wear their AirPods in a noisy restaurant with their iPhone sitting on the table. The voice that iPhone will detect on the table or nearby of a person sitting, will be redirected to the AirPods of the user. According to the report by TechCrunch, Live Listen was first developed and launched back in 2014. This allowed iPhone users with hearing impairments to listen to other people in a noisy environment or from across the room.

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The Live Listen option was only visible to users with compatible hearing aid earlier. As pointed by the report that this is a key move on Apple’s part because this will enable Apple iPhone users and AirPods owners to not buy a dedicated hearing hardware and instead either invest in a pair of AirPods or repurpose their existing AirPods into a ready hearing aid.

AirPods as hearing aids are still not a perfect solution because of how easy it is to lose them or the money that is needed to buy one pair. Another factor is the battery back that AirPods, even along with the help of a fully charged case, provides to its users in comparison to the amount of battery backup that a typical hearing aid provides in not on par. So this will make the Live Hearing a welcome addition rather than a serious alternative.


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