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Apple’s iOS 12 Face unlock can now recognize two face IDS

Apple’s iOS 12 Face unlock can now recognize two face IDS


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Apple’s iOS 12 now can let you register two face IDS on your iPhone X and iPad to unlock the device.

Since face unlock feature was introduced, it was only limited to the single person’s face who can unlock the phone. There was no way to add another person’s face who you trust for unlocking the phone. It means only the registered face had an access to the device through Face ID. But the scenario has changed now. Although Apple didn’t make this announcement on its WWDC 2018, according to the source 9to5mac, iOS 12 soon let you register an “alternative appearance” for Face ID.

“In addition to continue learning how you look, Face ID can recognize an alternative appearance,” reads Apple’s own note on the feature.

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The feature seems to be significantly useful for people who feel a problem with Face ID while unlocking their phone. For instance, some people wear glasses or get bald and it eventually alters their look and poses a problem with Face unlocking. Now, the good news is you can register a partner or child with their face ID who can unlock the Face ID feature without typing the password.

This feature is particularly meant for a future iPad to be announced later this year that may support Face ID, but it also works fine on the iPhone X, as well. MultipleFace ID support feature is significantly useful if you share a device with a family member or iPads in an educational and corporate environment.

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